Laboratorio di composizione musicale al computer

Computer music composition workshop

"The carousel of equal opportunities" is enriched with a new computer music composition laboratory.

The computer music composition workshop aims to stimulate creativity to get to compose music for videos, films and advertisements.
During the course, moments of learning about music theory and moments of composition will alternate.

The fundamentals of cinematographic composition will be explained, how this art is born, how it is developing and what the composer's work consists of.

We will make music for films and commercials. The music is composed starting from the knowledge of music theory and inspiration. A sheet of paper, a pen and a piano: these are the basic ingredients that will allow us to create first a rhythmic outline, then the melody, counterpoints and harmonizations. The first phase will end with the writing of the score and with the orchestration.

With a program on the computer, first the virtual instruments (piano, strings, brass) are created, then the analog ones and with the microphones, live sounds are recorded.

A fun and innovative workshop to let young people with disabilities and not know how to make music and jingles for videos, tik tok, instagram and reel! We will also make soundtracks for commercials, short films and films ..
For information and registration, do not hesitate to contact us 👇
📞 0817647693
📱335 697 3981
📍 Or come and visit us at our headquarters, we are in Naples in via C. Poerio 103/7.
The computer music composition workshop is free for young people aged 14 to 35, is part of the "Carousel of equal opportunities" project and is co-financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Youth Policies and the Civil Service within the Plan Action and Cohesion Notice "Youth for Social 2018".

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