Support an activity or micro project

If you share our mission , if you like our activities ... let's believe together and support us!

Support an activity or micro-project of Peepul Group, which works with social promotion actions to raise community awareness on issues of social inclusion of people with disabilities, diversity culture and accessibility.

Cultural activities, workshops, sailing courses, and participation in events and demonstrations are great moments of involvement in which people with disabilities can interact with others on an equal basis.

Nowadays, an increasingly limited availability of funds and the emergence of new needs mean that public agencies are unable to provide sufficient services for citizens in need or distress.

For these reasons, Peepul Group wants to continue its work in the area. In order to foster the spread of the culture of inclusion and equality through moments of meeting and discussion, concrete interventions and new micro projects  that all of you can support.


1) Micro project: "Adopt with us the flower beds of Via Carlo Poerio."

The photos show the state of the places before and after the intervention of our boys led by an experienced agronomist.

The cleanup was started with funding from a public project, but now the funds have run out and we need the support of the citizenry to continue taking care of the flower beds....

Citizens can contribute by registering for courses, open to all, to learn about and learn how to grow seasonal garden vegetables, herbs , fruit (fee 100€/8 lessons), the proceeds of which will be used for the work of the experts and the purchase of materials or with a free donation of money or materials.


How do you prepare the soil for planting?

How does a seedling grow?

What is the difference between flowers and fruit?

What are vegetables and what are vegetables?

How to grow even on our terrace.

For information call 3356973981 -0817647693. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.


2) "Peepul for children"

The play-educational project, aimed at groups of disabled and non-disabled children, aims to bring them together periodically to experience together, as moments of knowledge, reflection and thematic deepening, both during the periods of symbolic celebration of traditional religious holidays (Easter etc..), and on the salient dates of national secular anniversaries e.g. Labor Day, the anniversary of the Republic etc..

The intervention aims to make up for a scarce territorial supply in extracurricular times of moments of meeting and socialization between children without and with "special needs," whether the latter are children with psycho-motor and sensory disabilities or children with social hardships of various origins. The project therefore plans to offer ALL CHILDREN whether disabled or from immigrant or economically disadvantaged groups more and more opportunities to get together in a fun and constructive way

3) Less for less makes more

Recovering and enhancing the potential of young people selected by the Nisida Juvenile Community and the Juvenile Social Service of the Naples penal area(U.S.S.M.), encouraging their involvement in volunteer activities related to sailing courses for disabled youth and offering them useful skills to spend on job placement.
The project has already been partly funded by the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation
Funds raised : € 16,260.00 Total cost : € 31,250.00
Dedicate a donation to it through a wire transfer or postal bulletin.


4) Project: Adopt the 'Dream Point Peepul' !

If you WANT to ,YOU CAN help promote the right to sports of people with disabilities and help us "leave disability on the dock"!!!

SPONSORSHIP: The SPONSOR logo can be applied above the sail, on the keel, and on the cover used when transporting the boat.

Actions possible thanks to the contribution obtained with the 'logo affixation:

-Enlargement of our fleet of boats

a Dream 4.7 € 15,000.00

a boat 2.4 € 10,000.00

-Organization of a national Dream regatta with boats from all over Italy !

1500.00 per delegation (travel-board and transportation)

€5000.00 organization of regattas and events

-School support for the courses of our students with disabilities

1700.00 including registration first FIV course.

To learn about and support this and other projects of Peepul go to the "Projects" section and contact us by phone. Our volunteers and managers will be happy to give you any explanation, because our most important goal is to create new human and social relationships and promote active citizenship... WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU...!!!!