The workshops

Registration is open for the following workshops:

  • set design workshop;
  • Dance workshop;
  • Yoga workshop;
  • Creative workshop;
  • Personal and home autonomy workshop preparatory to the "Inclusive Bistro" workshop.

The workshops are open to all and are free for young people aged 14 to 35, fill out the information form now or call us at 0817647693.

Other scheduled workshops are:

  • dance workshop
  • gardening workshop
  • rehabilitation gymnastics and yoga workshop
  • home and personal autonomy laboratory
  • creative laboratory
  • workshop for running an inclusive 'bistro'
  • text writing workshop for cinema
  • film acting workshop
  • direction and filming workshop
  • music composition laboratory on the pc
  • singing workshop
  • scenography workshop

The activities are designed and implemented by the managers of the organizations with the help of expert teachers and tutors and take place within the structure. They foresee the interaction of already registered users who attend the center and not, organized in a one-day, five-day workshops. The duration varies from 3 or 4 hours each, plus a break for a snack. The courses are also open to non-disabled people, to create relationships and affectivity in a perfectly integrated environment that facilitates expressiveness and the natural establishment of communication relationships. The initiatives are planned for the involvement of young people according to their needs, skills and requests and are as varied as possible to broaden the experiential landscape and explore and enhance the different inclinations and talents.

Other scheduled workshops are organized in large thematic areasAnd:

  • Awareness of the self
  • Empowerment workshop (motivation of the person, self-esteem, enhancement of 'other' skills, overcoming isolation in the protective family context and openness to the outside)
  • Occupational therapy laboratory (development of autonomy and for the facilitation of insertion)
  • Sweet psycho-physical therapy laboratory (yoga-pilates etc ..)
  • Personal hygiene, relationship and sexual education laboratory
  • Sex education workshop
  • Skills update
  • IT and technological laboratory (PC start-up, Office package, Internet, etc .; aids for the disabled, orientation for choice and use, IT and telematic tools to support independent life and teaching for learning, etc.)
  • Work orientation workshop (balance of skills, meeting supply and demand, business creation, micro-credit, market trends)
  • Socialization
  • Focus group: interaction and involvement of family, friends and volunteer citizens in group activities
  • Educational and cultural workshops (theater, music - singing and dance - crafts, photography, home education, food education, dance, writing, art, sewing, recreational-recreational activities, etc.)
  • Sports education workshop: preparatory activity in the gym for sports activities for strengthening and physical improvement
  • Pre-work activities laboratory (if any).