Social and educational center

Multipurpose socio-educational center

The social cooperative Cozy for you intends to capitalize on all the experience of the Peepul voluntary association. With a stable management of the multi-purpose day center with a social educational cultural character of aggregation and enhancement of different abilities, support to the person and his family. The activities are aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals in difficulty due to physical, mental or multiple disabilities, or due to forms of social distress and difficulties on the emotional-relational level.
The methodology of work requires the drafting, for each guest, of an Individualized Educational Project (IEP). A tool for work and verification of differentiated paths aimed at autonomy, habilitation and socialization.
The project is developed by the educational / qualifying team and must be discussed with the representatives of the social services of the municipality of residence and with the users' families.
The operational headquarters of the socio-educational center is located in the premises on the ground floor of the I Circolo Didattico building located on Via Carlo Poerio in Naples

General objectives of the center
Specific objectives of the center
Activities and services provided

Reception, Information, Advice and Orientation

Help desk/Counter

Design and activation for 12 hours per week of a Front Office Information Desk open outward to the public. To provide a service of initial reception, listening and registration of information in the 'User Database'. To this front office activity corresponds in a complementary way the back office activity, which translates into the work of processing the requests received, solving problems including practical (e.g., contacting the referents of the competent institutions, procuring an appointment, etc.) as well as specialized (search in the 'Bank of skills' for a counselor who will give adequate answers and identify a personalized path), therapeutic-rehabilitative and recreational. Operators will implement guidance and counseling services through:

  • In-depth reading and evaluation of the application;
  • Personalized advice,
  • Targeted information;
  • Sending to other internal / external services;
  • Sending to experts by appointment.


Free service designed as a meeting place and contact with citizens who have problems to be solved about disability and aimed at identifying the needs of users , welcoming , listening and analyzing the needs and direct observation of the problems of their daily experience expressed by the bearers of needs (disabled people and their families already registered in the database of the association or Peepul network associations and disabled people in the area)(acceptance paths , cultural barriers, social isolation, low awareness of their different abilities, difficulty in accessing services; low level of satisfaction with local services; lack of socialization opportunities). Design of the individualized physical-occupational rehabilitation pathway, especially inter-relational and social reintegration and implementation of the individual 'file' of the disabled person, to reduce the parcelization of the user's social-health pathway.
Orientation it will be used to make any type of information accessible in a simple and direct way and to direct local and private public services to the activities of the Center, according to the various problems expressed by the user (social-health, rehabilitation, legal, training, professional, recreational-recreational , sports, etc.).

Accompaniment service

The recipients of the workshops will be picked up when requested in groups at homes or schools by a minibus that is also accessible to the disabled, with a driver and an expert guide on board, and will be taken back at the end of the activities.

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