Creation of commercials

The "Equal opportunity carousel" is a new and sympathetic way of addressing diversity-ethnic, religious, sexual, social, and sensory-through advertising communication.

In collaboration with professionals in the field, creating Of actual commercials, the issues that most often affect people with "different abilities," especially the disabled, will be highlighted with irony, and never with sterile pietism.

In the common imagination, diversity is often not considered an asset, but a form of inferiority. Being different means being inadequate, inadequate, often unhappy. And the different, frequently, becomes an enemy.

For this reason, "The Equal Opportunity Carousel" is an initiative of great importance because it promotes the concepts of dignity, rights and well-being of all those conventionally thought to be different from ourselves, raising awareness of the benefits that can come from inclusion in every aspect of social life.
The starting assumption is the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, whereby all men are equal, that is, they all have the same rights. The right to life, to health, to respect, the freedom to realize themselves according to their desires, to express their opinions, to choose their religion: all are inalienable rights not subject to differences.

Infusing courage to give hope and giving smiles is the starting point of the Equal Opportunity Carousel.

It is essential to view diversity and disability in a completely new guise, putting the person no longer as the bearer of divergence or disability but as the bearer of positive expressions of life and, therefore, as an actor, at various levels and in various capacities, of a life lived in the various social contexts, back at the center of services.

So diversity, disability, accessibility and market are four inseparable topics for our project as well, which is an evolution from our previous experiences.
In past years, in fact, we have already ventured into the terrain of creating social promotion commercials, and already several testimonials have taken the field, as protagonists, for our campaigns on the usability of places of socialization (bars, pubs, restaurants, etc.), worship, museums and archaeological sites: actors Cristina Donadio and Lucio Allocca, artist Lello Esposito, and Paralympics swimming champion Imma Cerasuolo.

The purpose was to reach the audience and shake their consciences by provoking unforgettable emotion.

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