COSY FOR YOU social cooperative

Cooperativa sociale cosy for youThe "Cosy for You" Social Cooperative aims to pursue the general interest of the community by promoting, establishing and managing social, educational, welfare, health, cultural, accommodation, recreational, tourism and training services. 

It exclusively pursues purposes of social, civil or cultural solidarity for the full protection of the disabled. Through carrying out activities in the following areas: social and health care, education, training, civil rights protection and public awareness.

The cooperative offers management services of day care centers and other social-educational facilities aimed at improving the quality of life, autonomy and the enhancement of other abilities and street educational interventions, through motor, cultural, artistic and recreational activities as well as other leisure time initiatives such as tourism for all, workshop, toy library and film forum activities. 

We carry out workshops such as that of personal and domestic autonomy, preparatory to the workshop "Inclusive Bistro" . The latter involves the creation of a bistro run by disabled and able-bodied young people to foster their inclusion in the world of work.
We propose customized tourism solutions with the planning of accessible routes and the possibility of using our transportation service adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Since its establishment, the "Cosy for You" cooperative implements a careful needs analysis, an inclusion strategy capable of starting directly from the real needs of young people with disabilities.



In summary, the goal of the project is the creation of "Campania accessible itineraries" in which a network of organizations engaged in Accessible Tourism is represented, involved and conveyed through innovative methods of conveyance and promotion. In particular, with the project we equip ourselves with the technology that, by allowing us to "virtually immerse ourselves" in the proposed itineraries, allows tourists to ascertain not only the beauty of the destination locations but also the quality of the services offered and the related attention paid to those with special needs.

Project funded under thePublic notice "Interventions for the strengthening of tourism intermediation for the repositioning and revitalization of the regional tourism offer POR Campania FESR 2014/2020 O.S. 6.8 Competitive repositioning of tourist destinations Az.6.8.3 Resolution of the Regional Council No. 258 of 26.05.2020 - Executive Decree No. 386 of September 11, 2020" - CUP B69J21020780007- Amount of contribution euro 84,982.63.


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