The strategy

To achieve our goals and realize the vision overall, we at Peepul Group implement this strategy:

  • We carry out initiatives for the promotion of social inclusion and active citizenship, involving people engaged in different sectors (professionals, housewives, teachers, retirees, entrepreneurs, athletes and students);
  • We organize and develop with our skills and experience all those interventions that promote the best protection of the disabled to ensure their "equal opportunities" and better quality of life, spreading, in addition, the culture of solidarity;
  • We engage youth and families through schools with analysis and awareness activities for total school-family-society synergy;
  • We design and implement innovative, challenging activities and services to enable social and job placements in economic and social sectors in order to demonstrate that people with different abilities are able, if guided and appropriately educated and oriented, to access and excel in any socioeconomic field.
  • We carry out innovative projects, such as "The Equal Opportunity Carousel," which include free workshops: acting, production, set design, singing and more to enhance different abilities together.
  • We offer introductory sailing courses for disabled and able-bodied young people who will learn to sail a boat independently;
  • We carry out personal and domestic autonomy workshops, preparatory to the "Inclusive Bistro" workshop, which involves setting up a bistro run by disabled and able-bodied young people to foster their inclusion in the world of work.
  • We offer customized tourism solutions with the planning of accessible tours for all and the possibility of using our disability-friendly transportation service.

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