Consultancy for tourism operators

Consulting for tourism operators intended for Commercial Service Providers , public and private cultural and tourism: hoteliers, restaurateurs, managers of historical and cultural places or businesses.
The Peepul Group can offer specialized and professional services and a friendly, but competent accompaniment, towards the adaptation of the premises open to the public to the regulations in force and above all to an important action of solidarity social participation.
Since 2002 we have been engaged in monitoring activities and our team is made up of architects, engineers and surveyors with proven experience and seriousness and in addition each inspection is accompanied and tested also by sensory and motor volunteer testimonials.
The team performs accessibility status assessment inspections of public and private facilities, detailed monitoring to delivery of descriptive sheets/leaflets for clients with disabilities, an evaluation report and advice about the present barrier removal plan and/or accessibility status improvements.
We can take care of the design, construction and management of the works.
Facilities rated as accessible to at least 60% with respect to key quality parameters will be recommended by Cosy For You through the website and social media and included in the itineraries proposed to tourists.
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