Gardening workshop

The gardening workshop is geared toward the acquisition of basic knowledge, skills and competencies for the cultivation and care of flowers and plants at km 0.

The ultimate goal of the gardening workshop is to orient young people to subsequent training specifically for job placement in the garden cultivation sector.

Gardening allows people with disabilities to engage in caring for "something alive" and restore their value as people, capable of providing for others, even if in this case it is plants and flowers, still living beings.

The workshop pursues the following objectives:
  • Manual skills as users will be tasked with caring for plants and flowers, cleaning the soil of weeds, tilling it as well as cleaning and tidying up garden tools;
  • Personal well-being because, taking care, with patience and self-sacrifice, of something gives serenity and a sense of importance;
  • Occupational therapy through specific activities is intended to give young people the opportunity to enhance their manual, organizational, work skills experienced in a protected environment.

Last year we conducted a gardening workshop co-funded by the Department of Youth Policy and Civil Service under the Action and Cohesion Plan Notice "Youth for the Enhancement of Public Goods 2018" that involved about 20 young people with both disabilities and able-bodied people.

The participants, with the guidance of an experienced agronomist, enhanced and redeveloped a green area in the heart of Naples by transforming a place where decay and neglect dominated into a sustainable and colorful vegetable garden.
In addition to cleaning up weeds and deposited foliage, the activity had included a green recovery of this space completely focused on creative recycling and organic farming. In fact, by reusing wood and other materials, the work team had built fences, painted in the most imaginative ways, and flower beds, within which not only various species of vegetables and aromatic herbs typical of the Neapolitan area had been planted and cared for but also numerous flowers that, with their colors, had restored beauty to a previously decaying place.
A few months after the end of our workshop, the garden is again in a state of filth and neglect. (Watch the video here)
That is why we are working on new projects that will allow us to redevelop the area and, why not, create new possibilities for the residents of the neighborhood and the young people who will participate.
laboratorio di giardinaggio laboratorio di giardinaggio laboratorio di giardinaggio

The gardening workshop enables participants to develop specific skills:

  • Recognize the main species of cultivated garden plants;
  • Organization of the garden area;
  • The materials and tools needed for the vegetable garden;
  • Carry out tillage in the vegetable garden
  • Know the biological cycle of major vegetable crops;
  • Perform planting and seeding;
  • Know and apply the main propagation and cultivation systems for the maintenance of greenery, taking care of its growth during cultivation and production, (in the field, in pots and in special substrates), rotation and intercropping, fertilization.
  • Recognize and operate systems and equipment for growing in a protected environment.
  • Mulching and pest management: learn about techniques to carry out phytosanitary treatments with chemical pesticide and traditional fertilization techniques.
  • Pruning and harvesting operations.