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"V.E.L.A. - Valuing Empowerment Free Abilities" co-funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Youth Policies and Civil Service under the Action and Cohesion Plan Notice "Youth for Social Affairs 2018" for the implementation of sailing courses in Naples.

The project aims to implement sailing courses in Naples. To promote equal opportunities and social inclusion of people with special needs through sailing and the sea, a scenario for experimenting with innovative services of sports enjoyment, a generator of socialization and integration processes, development of physical, social and relational skills.

Through the proposed activities, the following specific goals will be aimed at being achieved:

  • To inform about opportunities, open to all, to experience the sea (a resource often under-utilized and denied the recipients and the local community) and related activities by attending sailing courses;
  • To implement 120 introductory sailing courses in Naples, innovative both with respect to the final beneficiaries and with respect to a sporting discipline that to date does not appear to be adequately promoted, especially among the target audience of project recipients.
  • Promoting sports practice for all in contact with the sea.
  • Consolidate a competitive sailing group in order to increase positive examples/testimonials of athletes capable of competing on par with other "able-bodied" athletes.
  • To promote a culture of sports for all, understood first and foremost as a means of relating, sharing and gathering.

Our sailing courses in Naples are held aboard the two brand new Hansa boats consisting of a series of servomechanisms that make it possible for people with severe disabilities to sail independently.

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