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Associazione di volontariato PeepulPeepul Onlus Volunteer Association - On the Side of the Disabled!

The "Peepul Onlus Voluntary Association - On the Side of the Disabled!" has been conducting analysis and awareness raising activities for the achievement of autonomy and integration of people with special needs since 2002.

We support people with disabilities in demanding their rights and encourage them to regain confidence in their own abilities.

For 20 years we have been working to give everyone an equal chance and to grow a community that is more caring and sensitive to people's rights.

"Peepul" is a long-lived Indian tree, held sacred by the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Those who plant it will earn the blessings of subsequent generations.

The voluntary association Peepul precisely invokes this name to symbolize the philosophy that the members are inspired by on the subject of their volunteer efforts.

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