Voluntary activities aimed at promoting personal rights, equal opportunities, equal treatment, and the prevention and removal of all forms and causes of discrimination.

We are in charge of supporting with volunteer resources the social and occupational inclusion activities of young disabled people aged 14 to 35 in the Multipurpose Day Center run by the social co-op Cosy for you.

Peepul carries out, in the metropolitan area of Naples and in the Campania Region, an activity of analysis and awareness-raising for the achievement of autonomy and integration of people with special needs, for the empowerment of the disabled to be supported in demanding their rights and encourage them to regain confidence in their abilities; the aim is to bring about a change of mentality and attitude towards people with disabilities, through concrete actions of breaking down structural and cultural barriers and initiatives that affect every area of daily life: school, health, mobility, sports, work, accompaniment, etc, activating both public funding sources and private partnerships.

Since its establishment, Peepul Voluntary Association has been implementing its interventions from a careful needs analysis, proposing an inclusion strategy based on the real needs of people with disabilities.

Volunteer support aims to welcome and follow the person and his or her family in order to improve the quality of life of those who are in difficulty due to physical, mental, emotional-relational, social disabilities or difficulties.

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