5 per thousand

If you share our mission , if you like our activities...let's believe together: donate 5 per thousand...

Donate your 5 per thousand: we will make good use of it, and you can see for yourself the concrete use of the funds we will have acquired just by your simple gesture!

How to donate the 5 × 1000:

  • Fill in the "730 form" or "Income 2022", look for the box "Choice for the allocation of the five per thousand of IRPEF";
  • Put your signature in the box "Support of volunteering and other non-profit organizations of social activity ..."
  • Write the Peepul Onlus tax code 07918690632 or that of ASD Peepul Sport 95132350638.

5 × 1000 Peepul Onlus

5 × 1000 ASD Peepul sport

How we will use your 5 × 1000:

  • We will carry out activities to promote people's rights and equal opportunities;
  • We will promote the integration and emancipation of disabled children through sport;
  • We will encourage the autonomy and social integration of disabled and able-bodied young people with theater, singing, yoga, acting, scenography, film production and much more workshops;
  • We will organize sailing courses accessible to all;
  • We will continue the fight for the removal of all architectural and sensory barriers.

The choice is in no way an alternative to that of the eight per thousand, the latter always remaining valid. The taxpayer can make two choices at the same time.

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