Accessible tourism

We offer accessible tourism services with customized route planning and the possibility of using our transportation service adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Somehow we all feel a little bit special and like to be considered special people, customers, tourists....

 ... and then there are those who are a little more special than others: an elderly person, a disabled person, an injured person, a young mother and her child ..

The services we offer are " comfortable and easy for te", with your needs, desires, dreams and small or big difficulties....

If we can be "cosy" for those who need it most, we are cosy for everyone! This is the novelty and quality of our accessible tourism services.

If you know our program and philosophy, you won't want any other kind of tourism unless it is with the Cosy Fair brand

Cosy Fair means caring for the environments that host us affintil they are safe, walkable, understandable, usable and comfortable in every part.

CosyFair means a smile that welcomes you and offers you what you need in simple and kind ways.

Cosy Fair means moving around, visiting, traveling, having fun, finding sleeping accommodations, and enjoying food effortlessly and unexpectedly, whatever your choices and tastes, your age and background!

We know what you want because we experience firsthand the tourist services we offer you-from hotel accommodations to transportation, from catering to visiting all kinds of places that we offer in our itineraries in Italy and in trips organized by our partners abroad.

Finally 'value for money' also our economic proposals are for everyone, from three to five stars!

The numerous and diversified optional services are also available and within the reach of every pocket!

Contact us and book the proposals that best suit your dreams! And then… Enjoy your easy and comfortable journey!


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