Our history

Our story is the story of the three organizations that have sprung from the parent organization the "Peepul Onlus Volunteer Association - On the side of the disabled!" founded in 2002 by Ileana Esposito.

Sharing Vision, mission And strategy  we have developed over the years a real know-how based on the realization of a large number of  'best practices', all the ones you see on this site and tut all the projects we have carried out in 20 years: accessible sailing courses, workshops of all kinds, monitoring architectural barriers in public and private environments, accessible tours, training courses and much more.

Peepul Group places at the center of its ideas and actions the person, his or her rights and the promotion of equal opportunities to be pursued by raising awareness and involvement of active citizenship and all human components of society.

In particular, Peepul Group pursues the goal of identifying, interpreting and responding to every special need of the frail and disadvantaged (disabled, elderly, etc.) by devising and promoting concrete quality proposals based on innovative strategies and policies for cultural change in society. 

By pursuing these guidelines, our history as a Group begins today and we will write it together.

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