Our team

Our team consists of qualified experts with years of experience in the social, tourism and educational sectors.

Ileana Esposito is the Founder of all Peepul Group organizations (Peepul Onlus Association - On the side of the disabled!", "ASD Peepul Sport Onlus" e "Cosy for you social cooperative "), designer and consultant of all activities. Peepul Group strategist and expert on issues related to all types of disabilities. She is also responsible for public relations and programming of the various sectors.

President of the Cosy for You cooperative and past-president of thePeepul Onlus Association - On the side of the disabled.

She performs her role because of her individual culture (she holds 2 degrees: in Foreign Languages and Literature and in Modern Humanities) and because of her deep knowledge of the world of disability due to her life experiences. (She personally experiences disability as a result of a serious illness that has forced her into a wheelchair.) She manages, the production activity of Peepul Group by implementing the strategic and tactical choices made in agreement with the other corporate functions (sales, marketing and administration).

Vittorio Lepre

Vittorio Lepre

Vittorio Lepre holds a five-year degree in economics from Federico II University and recently completed an MBA from Bocconi University. In 2010 he founded thePeepul Amateur Sports Association Onlus of which he is president. He gained one-year experience as marketing manager at Ferrarelle S.p.a.

The main activity of theASD Peepul Sport Onlus Is the holding of sailing courses for the disabled.
His education and especially his experience as president provided him with the rudiments of business management and project writing, albeit agreed upon with all team members.

Vittorio Lepre plans and decides on the management of the financial flows of the three organizations as well as has responsibility for the marketing mix. In particular, he plans and takes care of the ways of finding the appropriate financial means to ensure both the resources necessary for the normal operation of the company and those for the implementation of investments exceeding normal operations. He manages the web communication strategy and contributed to the creation of the website.

Finally, she dabbles in web graphics and contributed to the creation of the e-commerce website Cosyfair

Marisa Mugnolo

Marisa Mugnolo is in charge of accounting and reporting for the projects.

Coordinates the workshop activities taking place at the headquarters of the organizations in the Peepul Group.

He is in charge of disability reception, family relations and coordination of human resources.

Miriam Guitto

Miriam Guitto

Miriam Guitto holds a degree in archaeology from L'Orientale University in Naples and is a licensed tourist guide for the Campania Region. 

She gained experience in the role of guiding and escorting groups, in particular, of disabled people, during her previous work collaborations with "Peepul Onlus Volunteer Association - On the Side of the Disabled!" And Cosy for You .

Such experience has enabled and enables her to:

  • Deal with networking, recruiting, monitoring and evaluation of activities;
  • Refer itself as an expert subject of issues in the world of disability;
  • monitor the accessibility of cultural and sports sites in Campania and especially in the Naples area;
  • Process the diverse variety of accessible tourist routes posted on the site;
  • Take over the management of issues involving inaccessibility of cultural sites and/or accommodation/restorative and sports facilities.

Fundamental, therefore, is Miriam Guitto's ability to bring together the associational and economic resources of the area in which she works to create an integrated reception system according to the target audience.

Titti Conte

Titti Conte

Titti Conte manages and coordinates the activities of the Sailing School of A.S.D. Peepul Sport Onlus.

An expert in human relations and social dynamics, she is familiar with the theoretical, methodological and applied foundations of educational sciences.
It weaves extensive territorial networks with associations, schools and companies and maintains relationships with families.
Consultant for projects, plans calendars and programs, organizes and coordinates multiple activities especially in the field of sailing sports and sports tourism. Manages the human resources of the sector 

Vitantonio Gentile

Vitantonio Gentile

Vitantonio Gentile, professional bus driver and expert in welcoming and accompanying people with various types of disabilities.

He lends his cooperation in all Group activities and is an ever-present factotum who is very helpful and attentive especially with disabled boys.