Asd Peepul Sport Onlus

ASD Peepul Sport Onlus, which has been working in the field of disability for 12 years, conducts sailing courses and regattas in Naples for both beginners and athletes with reduced motor, mental or sensory capacity.

The Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Peepul Sport Onlus is the first association in the Campania region to have implemented sailing courses for people with disabilities, making the sailing venues accessible with barrier-breaking works.

It enables hundreds of young people to approach the sport, fostering the autonomy, self-esteem and sociability of children with disabilities, giving them new opportunities and increasing their awareness of their strength and potential.

ASD Peepul Sport Onlus conducts introductory sailing courses for disabled and able-bodied young people learning how to sail a boat. It offers advanced courses with the goal of consolidating a group of young athletes capable of competing competitively and on par with other "able-bodied" athletes.

Since 2021, all students have been taking sailing courses aboard the two brand new Hansa boats consisting of a series of servomechanisms that make it possible for people with severe disabilities to sail independently.

Sailing courses are held at the DREAM POINT PEEPUL at the Se.Ve.Na. Naples Sailing Section at the Navy at the Molosiglio in Naples.

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