Laboratorio creativo a Napoli gratuito per i giovani dai 14 ai 35 anni
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Creative laboratory

Our socio-educational center Cozy for you offers young people a new creative laboratory.

An exclusive laboratory which, starting from sensory and visual stimulation, aims to: develop greater manual skills, discover new potential and define your own artistic style.

A recreational and training path that will give participants the opportunity to: stimulate creativity, tell and express themselves with the language of art, have fun and socialize.
During the workshop, participants will be able to experience different techniques, tools and materials, all made available to their creativity.
The idea behind the workshop is that every small work of art is always a moment of transformation and growth (of the material and of the artist) that allows you to discover new potentials and perspectives, often useful even outside the context. creative.
The creative workshop is open to all, 50 hours are free for young people from 14 to 35.
The creative workshop is co-financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service as part of the Action Plan and Cohesion Notice "Youth for the enhancement of public goods 2018".
For registration and information fill out the form or contact us: ☎️0817647693, 📱335 697 3981 or come and visit us, we are in Naples in via C. Poerio 103/7.

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