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"It's Sailing in Campania" - Aeolus Award to ASD Peepul Sport Onlus.

"It's Sailing in Campania 2022": ASD Peepul Sport Onlus receives the Eolo award for the largest number of members for Paralympic activities

"It's Sailing in Campania" is the annual celebration of the network, of the synergy between the V Zone of the FIV and territories. Not only the 45 clubs divided between Naples and province (31), Salerno and province (13) and province of Caserta (1), for 6500 card-carrying members, but also the municipalities and administrations that have married the projects proposed by Vela campana such as that of our Amateur Sports Association Peepul Sport Onlus. "It's Sailing in Campania" celebrates Campania's sailing activity and features as protagonists the affiliated clubs, with their athletes, technicians, managers and all the actors of the Campania sailing system.

The kermis was held on February 13, 2023, on the occasion of the 49th Nauticsud "to strengthen the connection of the sailing world with the Boat Show and to give continuity to the synergy of relations with Ente Overseas Exhibition and AFINA" as he pointed out Francesco Lo Schiavo, president of Zone V.

Premio Eolo ASD Peepul Sport Onlus

During the event, ASD Peepul Sport Onlus received the Eolo Award for the highest number of members in Paralympic activities. This recognition, which the Zone reserves for those who have particularly distinguished themselves in sailing activities, fills us with pride and spurs us to do more and more to promote sports as a tool to foster the inclusion and autonomy of disabled children.

Also awarded were zonal champions and territories that have always been close to the activities of Zone V. Among them were theCentral Tyrrhenian Sea Port System Authority, l'Regional Tourism Agency and the captain of the vessel Aniello Cuciniello, Commander Headquarters Marina of Naples, where ASD Peepul Sport Onlus holds sailing classes.

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