Dona il 5x1000 a Peepul Onlus

Donate your 5 × 1000

Donate your 5 × 1000 to Peepul Onlus or ASD Peepul Sport to enhance the different skills together and to support sport as a tool of inclusiveness.

How we will use your 5 × 1000:

  • We will carry out activities to promote people's rights and equal opportunities;
  • We will promote the integration and emancipation of disabled children through sport;
  • We will encourage the autonomy and social integration of disabled and able-bodied young people with theater, singing, yoga, acting, scenography, film production and much more workshops;
  • We will organize sailing courses accessible to all;
  • We will continue the fight for the removal of all architectural and sensory barriers.

How to donate the 5 × 1000:

  • Fill in the "730 form" or "Income 2022", look for the box "Choice for the allocation of the five per thousand of IRPEF";
  • Put your signature in the box "Support of volunteering and other non-profit organizations of social activity ..."
  • Write the Peepul Onlus tax code 07918690632 or that of ASD Peepul Sport 95132350638.

Donate 5 × 1000 to grow a community that is more attentive and sensitive to people's rights.

Donating the 5 × 1000 to you costs nothing and with your gesture you will help us to give everyone the same opportunities.

You can also follow our activities on our social networks: Facebook And Instagram 

Dona il 5x1000 a Peepul Onlus
Donate 5 × 1000 to Peepul Onlus
Dona il 5x1000 all'ASD Peepul Sport Onlus
Donate 5 × 1000 to ASD Peepul Sport Onlus

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