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"Adopt-a-talent" fundraising campaign

Fundraising campaign to support Giada Giulietti's singing training

The idea of the "Adopt a Talent" initiative was born during the singing class taught by teacher Laura Ammendola. Lesson after lesson, the incredible talent of the very young Giada Giulietti emerged.

A natural talent, a beautiful voice that reaches to touch the chords of the soul, a natural talent that the Peepul Group wishes to cultivate and enhance.

The fundraising campaign "Adopt a Talent" aims to support Jade's journey with at least one year of voice lessons.

His singing training would be interrupted with the closing of the course funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department for Youth Policy and Universal Civil Service under the Action and Cohesion Plan Notice "Youth for Social Work 2018."

So we thought we would involve all of you to give Jade and the other kids a chance to continue the training.

We started the fundraising campaign with an auction during the evening of June 23, Peepul Association's 20th anniversary celebration. Giada performed like a true professional and moved everyone with an excellent singing performance on the notes of "Yet Feel." ( Giada in an emotional rendition of Elisa's Yet to Feel - YouTube )

The charity auction was realized with the valuable productions of the first seven generous entrepreneurs who believed in Jade's talent.

Lello Esposito, a Neapolitan sculptor and painter; the Barletta families of Vestini Campagnano; Daniela Danesi, an established fashion designer; Giancarlo Auriemma of Ulturale; the Coscia family; Andrea Silvestroni; and Giancarlo Pepino's Profumeria Pepino.

Their donations made it possible to start the campaign with an initial collection of €1080.00 out of the total to be reached of €5000.00

The "Adopt a Talent" initiative continues and you can contribute a donation by bank transfer with the reason "singing course for Jade"

IBAN: IT 86D0306909606100000102023, payable to: Cosy for you.

Or click on the Donate now and remember to include in the "Additional Information" the reason: "singing course for Jade"

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