Festa 20 anni peepul

Celebration for 20 years of Peepul Onlus Volunteer Association

An evening in the name of culture, fun and solidarity to celebrate the first 20 years of the Peepul Onlus Volunteer Association

120 attended the party, at the exclusive location of the Naples Rowing Club, to celebrate 20 years of the Peepul Onlus Association for the Disabled.

Sailing, workshops, accessible tourism and many new projects in the pipeline to enhance other abilities.

The first part of the event was held at the Navy's Se.Ve.Na. In the presence of Commander Patruno, where the two new Hansa boats were christened. Immaculata in honor of sailing coordinator Titti Conte and Dafne Alisea in honor of the newest addition to the Peepul household, President Vittorio Lepre's daughter.

The 20-year celebration of the Peepul Onlus Volunteer Association continued at the Circolo Canottieri. Founder Ileana Esposito introduced to all the guests the very young Giada Giulietti, a student of the singing course, who moved everyone with an excellent singing performance on the notes of "Yet Feel."

A beautiful voice that reaches to touch the chords of the soul. A natural talent that the Peepul Group wishes to cultivate and enhance. Thus was born the "Adopt a Talent" fundraising campaign, which aims to support Jade's singing training.

The "Adopt a Talent" initiative continues and you can contribute a donation by wire transfer to IBAN: IT86D0306909606100000102023 payable to: Cosy for you.

Guest of the evening was actress Laura Pagliara, who excellently interpreted excerpts from the book "Beyond the Darkness, the Incredible Story of a Blind Woman" by Peepul athlete Antonietta Caruso, who recounts how the sport of sailing and the stimulus of Peepul acted as a Litmus Test to help her bring out the grit and determination that were latent and not yet exploded.
The boys then broke out into dancing to the notes of the repertoire of the very talented singer Lucia Gentile.
In conclusion, a very sweet and moving marriage proposal from a young couple formed during one of the courses organized by the Association.

Dear friends for all those who were unable to attend our Feast, we enclose the Founder Ileana Esposito's Introduction Speech and the video

Ileana Esposito's presentation and thank-you speech - YouTube


Selfie di Lucia Gentile con i ragazzi della Peepul
Selfie of Lucia Gentile with Peepul kids 
Team di collaboratori e collaboratrici: Marisa Mugnolo, Titti Conte, Vito Gentile, Claudia Marino, Mariangela Sofia.
Team of contributors: Marisa Mugnolo, Titti Conte, Vito Gentile, Claudia Marino, Mariangela Sofia.













Targa per Ileana Esposito
Plaque for Ileana Esposito

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