Giornata del mare e della cultura marina

Day of the sea and marine culture

Naples celebrates the National Day of the Sea and Marine Culture with guided tours and sailing lessons for schoolchildren from Campania and young Ukrainian refugees

On the day of the sea and marine culture, hundreds of very young people, from the early hours of the morning, were involved in the activities of the local associations. L'ASD Peepul Sport Onlus has organized sea trips to get to know the world of sailing.

In the afternoon, institutional moment in the Dione Hall of the Maritime Station. In the presence of Regional President Vincenzo De Luca and Consul General of Ukraine in Naples Maksim Kovalenko, there was the closing ceremony of the first edition of the Nautical Clubs of Campania award. Awards for the Navy, Coast Guard and many other organizations, associations and institutions actively engaged in the protection of marine environments.

“We must work to spread the culture of the sea more and more - says the president of Campania Vincenzo De Luca -.

This day was established for April 11, a date that coincides with an environmental tragedy in Genoa (the Haven oil tanker disaster). Meanwhile, we have passed a regional law to establish a register of sailing clubs. We have about 20 clubs throughout the region, we have three sailing clubs including a club for the disabled.

In these clubs we have seen the birth of many sportsmen who have done honor to the Italian nautical sport. Then, obviously, there is the environmental aspect, the protection of the sea resource beyond nautical sport ".

On the same wavelength is the president of the Association of Boating Clubs of Campania, Gianluigi Ascione. "April 11 will forever be a key date for us to bring the sea back to everyone's attention," Ascione says. Our clubs, supported by the Navy, the Coast Guard and the Campania Region's Directorate General of Public Education have done an outstanding job. At our sailing schools, the children were able to demonstrate and appreciate what we do for the sea: we need to start from the schools, to educate children to respect the sea: that's how everything else comes naturally."

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