Sailing school in Naples

Courses are open to everyone from 6 to 80 years old

The courses are free of charge for disabled and non-disabled young people aged 14 to 35, subject to the availability of places provided under the V.E.L.A. project.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Peepul sport sailing school at Molosiglio in Naples

"Self governing sailing" with sound buoys for young visually impaired/blind athletes

The world of visual impairment cannot be understood simply by closing one's eyes. The 83% of information is in fact acquired by sight. In the hypo/visually impaired person, auditory and tactile information prevails as well as there are more difficulties in communication and balance and spatial management due to the failure to receive visual information from outside .

Our goal is to promote the autonomy of the hypo/visually impaired person by practicing the sport of sailing, which is to be configured as an innovative training course through the use of equipment(sound buoys), which will allow the person to steer the boat in complete autonomy.

The following will be organized 30 self governing sailing courses lasting 8 hours each. and to facilitate the participation of the blind, a bus service to and from the water bases will be arranged.


Para Sailing Hansa 303

The overall objective of the activity is the development of the sports activity of the Para Sailing discipline with the enhancement of technical and training knowledge for athletes useful for their inclusion in official (national) teams. To do this, the following will be provided 30 pathways of 16 hours each for people with disabilities under 35. The Hansa 303 class is booming in the country, indicated by the FIV as an ideal boat for the start of competitive Paralympic sailing under 23 so much so that it was also recently used for the Euro Para Youth Games held in Genoa in October 2017. The boat is suitable for both competitive activity and social inclusion and integration. Its other special features are its ease of transportation and comfort of operation by athletes. As a member club of the FIV , Peepul Sport Onlus will enroll some of the recipients in official FIV rallies and regattas of the national circuit.


We..all together in the same boat!!!

This initiative aims at social inclusion of disabled youth with able-bodied peers through an innovative sports course based on the 'sea' resource and through cooperative learning methodology. Making use of two-seater boats with dual controls at the helm, the following will be organized 20 introductory courses lasting 8 hours each, in which the recipients will participate "as equals" . In fact, thanks to the possibility of steering the boat with only the upper limbs, disabled and able-bodied people can train and compete together, without distinction, under real and equal conditions. The courses will be preceded by theoretical moments useful to increase the involvement and interest of the recipients (outings on the dinghy, exercises on maritime knots, motor exercises etc..) as well as strengthen the interaction aimed at cooperation in the boat.

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